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1832 PD  large
Furuno Radar 1832
Code : FR1832
Deskripsi :
Engineered for 30- 65 boats, the Furuno 1832 radar offers exceptional power, target detection and reliability.

Featuring Furunos custom microwave IC receiver design, this radar has a 10" diagonal CRT daylight-bright display with eight-level quantization. Plus, its packed with high-speed micro-processor technology and features that help you identify whats out there.

And like other Furuno radars, it can be inter-connected with other nav equipment, chart plotters and even sounders, through Furunos programmable NMEA 0183 interface system. The 1832 comes with a sleek 24" radome antenna.

Consists Of
Model / Part #    
1832DISP 10 Inch Monochrome CRT Display, with Installation Materials  
RSB0071-057 24 Inch Radome with 4.0 kW Transceiver  
000-138-970 15 Meter Signal Cable Assembly  
Standard Features
  • High Resolution, Non-Glare 10 Inch Monochrome CRT Display
  • 4.0 Kilowatt Transmitter Unit
  • Up to 15 User Selected Range Scales from 1/8 to 36N.M.
  • User Adjustable Duplex (In or Out) Radar (Guard Zone) Alarm
  • User Selected Time Echo Trails for Target Threat Assessment
  • Automatic or Manual Tuning Receiver
  • 9db Noise Factor Logarithmic Receiver
  • Three Modulator Pulse lengths and Repetition Rates
  • Programmable F1 and F2 Keys for Optimized Radar Picture
  • Automatic or Manual Control of Rain Clutter (FTC)
  • Waypoint Lollipop Navigation Aid Overlaid on Radar Picture **
  • Power Saving Watchman, or Sleep Mode for Safety at Anchor
  • Multi-step Interference Rejecter and Echo Stretch to Enhance Picture
  • 100% Picture Off-Centering or 2 x Target Area Zoom
  • Two VRMs and EBLs for Rapid Target Data, one may be Offset
  • Course-up, Head-up, North-up or True Motion Display Modes **
  • Navigation Data Display in Standby *
  • Automatic Video Level Adjustment (up to 8 Levels) for Picture Enhancement
  • Target/Cursor Position and Output to Plotter, using TLL Key**
  • Optional ARP10, 10 Target ARPA **

Shipping Information

  • 58 Lbs., 3 Cartons

Power Requirements

  • 12 or 24/32 VDC, 50 Watts, Fuse Change Required
  • 28 Watts in Power Economy, Standby or Watchman Mode


  1. * Appropriate Nav Data Input Required.
  2. ** Appropriate Compass and Nav Data Input, Required.
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Mall WTC Matahari Lt2 Blok S20 Serpong Tangerang
021-53153871 , 50541095
Fax 021-7410545
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WhatsApp : 08164275142

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